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Track players now with age and graduation year, showcase your team with new analytics, build your community & generate revenue with UTR Open events. Limited time pricing: $99/year ($200 off)
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UTR College can help you find and connect with potential recruits from anywhere in the world. Use advanced search features, including age and graduation year, to identify, follow and track the progress of junior players, and connect with them using UTR's direct messaging.

Compare Your Top 6 vs Conference

Use UTR to monitor your player results and scout matchups during the season. Evaluate your team and players with the new conference UTR lineup comparison chart and advanced player stats, which includes a UTR trend line, notable wins, and performance against higher and lower-rated opponents.

Generate Revenue & Fill Your Stands

Generate revenue for your program and coaching staff by hosting Open UTR Events and the new UTR Prospect Camps™️. Then you can invite your community fans to attend dual matches and future events with a UTR direct messaging feature. As an added bonus, it’s a great way to fundraise. You can use the funds to increase your team budget or earn additional revenue for your coaches.