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What is UTR?

UTR is a rating between 1-16.5 that reflects your level of play. Three factors go into the rating: Your Competition, The Score and Recent Matches.

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What is UTR?
What is UTR?
Mark Leschly on TC Live
CEO Mark Leschly on Tennis Channel LIVE
Jim Courier Explains Benefits of UTR
Jim Courier Explains Benefits of UTR
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To Everyone

We’re taking UTR beyond tournament players and sanctioned matches. Everyone can get their UTR “range” NOW—and here’s what’s coming soon…
Find opponents, groups, events & coaches
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Develop your game & track your performance
Personalize your tennis profile, needs & recruiting

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Get Your UTR Now!

Everyone can get their UTR range NOW with the ability to post any match result and updating actual UTR coming soon.
UTR is the official rating system of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association